Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fire Prevention Week

This week is Fire Prevention Week --a good time to review basic fire safety practices and procedures both in school and at home.  

This 4 page activity booklet provides basic information in a fun and easy to read format.  The activities are targeted to grades 1 through 3, however the Fire Prevention Safety Star checklist can be used with kindergarten and fourth grade students too.

Here's  a brief look at the activities!

1. Firefighter Writing Prompts. Students are asked to write sentences by looking at the pictures and responding to sentence starters.

2.  Magic Math - Safety Star Burn Breakers.  Students match sentence numbers to star words and then add rows and columns to come up with the 'magic' number.

3.  Firefighter Job Description. Students complete multiple choice questions centered around the topic of firefighter job duties.

4.  Firefighter Safety Star - A Self Checklist. Students respond to basic safety rules written n a question format.  

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