Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Teaching Health - Fitting It In!

How do you find the time fit health education in to your already packed day???  I've been working in the education field for almost 30 years--from working in schools to writing curriculum to managing statewide programs.  I know how busy you are!

My areas of expertise are in the business education, health, safety and career subject areas. KidZ Learning Connection was formed for the purposed of providing you with quick and easy health and safety resources that can be integrated into just about every subject ---or that can be used at those times during the day when you need a meaningful learning activity that will only take a few minutes.  Here's an example of something that may work! 

Farm Fun:  Milk Math

This activity teaches basic information about cows and milk though the lens of math! Use this as a mini-lesson right after lunch. 

1. Introduce the topic by asking students:
a.  "How many of you drank milk with your lunch today?"
b. "Why is it important to drink milk?"
c.  "What food group does milk belong to?"

2. Ask students to solve the math problems individually or as a large group. This would be a great Smartboard acrivity!

3. Ask students to share information from the worksheet that surprised them.

4. Ask students to share other information about cows and milk.

5. Challenge students to drink a glass of milk with each meal.

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