Monday, December 28, 2015

Energize Your Classroom Learning With Different Teaching Strategies

The holidays are almost over ...and school will be back in full swing soon. What do you do to energize your classroom and make learning fun and relevant during the long winter months?  During the next several weeks, I will focus on teaching strategies that combine everyday health and safety topics with academic learning.  I'll provide templates with ideas for using them in the classroom, as well as a basic overview of what the strategy is and why it works! Let's get started!!

ABC Brainstorming - ABC Summarizing

This strategy asks students to write what they know or brainstrom about a specific topic according to letters of the alphabet. This strategy extends as well as guides thinking.  Let's look at an example!

Find the activity at:

Lesson Procedure: 

This lesson can be an individual, small group, or large group activity. 

1. Introduce the lesson by telling students that  eating fruits and vegetables help us to grow and stay healthy.  
2.  Ask them to write or draw a picture of a fruit or  vegetable for each letter of the alphabet. 
3. Have them then go back and circle the fruits and veggies they  have eaten in the last five days.  
4. Ask students to share if they ate  two or more fruits or vegetables each day.

Books and Videos:

The Berenstain Bears And Too Much Junk Food:  



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