Wednesday, December 30, 2015

B-I-N-G-O - Bingo!!! Using Bingo as a Teaching Strategy

The countdown is on! Holiday break is almost over! Here's another teaching tool to put in your arsenal for the first week back. As I mentioned earlier ----  During the next several weeks, I will focus on teaching strategies that combine everyday health and safety topics with academic learning.  I'll provide templates with ideas for using them in the classroom, as well as a basic overview of what the strategy is and why it works! Here's strategy #2!


This strategy asks students to read the definition and match the corresponding word from the word bank. A fun way to introduce new vocabulary---or to dig deeper into a particular topic. This bingo game sample focuses on Germ Prevention. 

Find the activity on the KidZ Learning Connection Store: 

Lesson Procedure: 

This lesson can be an individual, small group, or large group activity. 

1. Introduce the lesson by telling students that by practicing germ prevention safety practices we can stay healthy and well.  
2.  Ask them to write and/or list things they do to prevent germs. List their responses on the white/smartboard. 
3. Ask students to complete the Germ Buster Bingo game.  You can set criteria for bingo using the usual bingo rules. This activity lends itself well to Blackout Bingo where students complete all questions. If time is limited, students groups can complete individual letter columns and share their responses with the large group. 
4. Use the books and/or video below as a follow up activity.

Books and Videos:

The Berenstain Bears Come Clean for School:  



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