Sunday, January 3, 2016

Thoughts and Planning for a New Year -----

I read a great article the other day that got me to think..........We're three days into the new year and a lot of what we read about deals with resolutions and change. This article challenged us to answer these three questions and condense them down into one word. So I did that!

Questions for Change:What do I want for the new year? What's in my way? What do I need to change? 

My Word:  Better
Actually I did two words - Better and Fun

I'm not going to change the world. I'm going to try to be a better person and to do things better. I'm also going to make sure that what I'm doing is fun - whether it's work or  at home. Fun can be a mindset too!

The article goes on to suggest that you post your 'word' ---on the refrigerator - the bulletin board - a mirror - so serve as a constant reminder.

I'm going to have a 'better and fun' year. How about you??

(P.S. Why not try this with activity with your students this week?)

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