Sunday, January 31, 2016

Getting Ready for a New Week - Time Management Tips

Does your To Do  List everyday look like this??

I have to admit it ---I'm one of those 'list people." I start each day with a To Do List that includes things to do for work - things to do that relate to home projects---things to do for other people (cards, calls, etc.) and then I have a separate list for groceries!

How do I manage all my list(s)?  It's human nature to the easiest things first - and I do----but I allow myself a two hour window for that --and then tackle the hardest items from what's remaining on my list next. 

What about the things that don't get done?? They go on the next day's list - and are tackled first!

A final tip is to keep the number of items on your list to something that is manageable. It's humanly impossible to complete a list with 25 or more items!

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